The Misfit from Mars

Growing up in a small Oklahoma town isn’t the best place for a girl with her head in the stars. I always felt out of place because of my faith, my socio-economic background (lived on the wrong side of the tracks),  and a preference for things that did not include football, cheerleading and the latest gossip.

I decided I had to be from Mars.

Some 20 years later I have proof. I live in rural West Texas where the land is flat, treeless (unless you count the mesquites) with hot summers, cold winters, and nothing but red sand.  I still love science fiction and I still feel like I don’t belong in most places or groups.

Maybe it’s just that I have a different way of looking at life. One of my favorite quotes from MacGyver is “How you look at the world depends on where you’re at.”

I’ve lived in two different countries, visited several others and visited around a dozen different states. I’m passionate about Japanese culture,  love things from the past but embrace technology, and would rather wear 18th century clothing.

All in all I’ve a smorgasbord background that still doesn’t mesh easily with today’s cultural mores. And that is why science fiction still fascinates me — it doesn’t fit in either.


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  1. Aha! You jumped ship from a classier UFO than I was kicked out of! 😀

    Good job on the blog! And a hearty Congrats on the Kindle release of “Redline” — looking forward to the print edition! 🙂

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