Because I LOOK like a terrorist

It happens every time I fly. Our last trip was no exception. Both coming and going I got frisked by a TSA officer at the airport. Because, of course, I look like a terrorist. I must fit the profile of a terrorist: female, middle age, overweight, with that certain glint in my eye that spells trouble.

I could understand if this happened once in a while, or even if I only flew once in a while. However, in the past three years, I’ve flown several times a year. Each time, every time, I get frisked. Apparently the scanner can’t tell if I’m carrying a weapon or not. Or maybe the TSA officials figure I won’t complain as much as someone else on the plane.

I have to admit that if those full body scanners can’t tell the difference between a roll of flab and a weapon of mass destruction, we’re in a lot of trouble.

As for complaining, I did quite vociferously–under my breath and to my husband, but I complained, nonetheless.

I realize the TSA folks are “just doing their job.” I might even believe it, if I hadn’t witnessed on more than one occasion the “frisk” victims tend to fall in a certain racial category. Our Congress makes a huge deal out of racial profiling, but what we have at airports is reverse racial profiling. If we’re going to have racial profiling anyway, why not focus on the real problem? Why should a tiny minority of troublemakers succeed in making TSA treat the rest of us like criminals?

Common sense would fix a lot of the problems in airport screening, but I’ve never accused Congress of having even a smidgeon of common sense. Of course, if congressmen had to fly like normal people and be frisked every time by TSA, I’m certain “common sense” would take root and flourish.

One of these days, I’m going to tape a doughnut to the back of my calf, or tape a package of crackers under my arm just to liven things up at the airport security.

Because of course I look like a terrorist.


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  1. ROFL!
    Hysterically funny! Made my eyes water! 😀

  2. Thanks! It gets funnier every time I tell it. Honestly I want to wear a t-shirt that says,”I’m not a terrorist, I just look like one” when I fly.

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