Hot dogs in the snow

When I was in college, we didn’t have peeps, posses, bronies, or BFFs. We did have good friends who knew how to have a great time. My circle of intimates seemed to be most adept at creating fun whether it was toilet papering someone’s dorm room, sliding down Bison hill on a meal tray from the cafeteria, playing Martian Scrabble, or having a picnic in the snow.

It was one of those icy cold, blustery days only found in Oklahoma (and sometimes Texas) with ice on the ground masquerading as snow. Most of the college students were huddled in dorm rooms or in the student center complaining about the weather. We decided to have a picnic. Complete with blankets on the ground, tomato soup, and hot dogs. Students scurrying from class to class, heads down, jackets clutched against the cold, gave us a quick glance and shake of the head. We could almost hear their thoughts: are they nuts?!

Maybe. But I’ve never been a fan of the been there, done that, got the T-shirt mentality. How blasé and how unfortunate for an individual to believe they’ve seen or done it all! No matter how many times I fly, I am still amazed at the variety outside my plane window, still thrilled at take off as gravity gently presses me against the seat, still enamoured of travel that one hundred years ago was beyond the scope of most individuals.

Life is too short to be cynical. Each opportunity has minute changes that make the experience unique and unrivalled with all previous experiences. I never tire of sunsets, watching clouds, or even reading the same book a second, third, or twelfth time. It’s the experience itself that brings joy, not the individual components. That’s why I will never tire of holding hands with my husband, telling my children I love them, marvelling at the new green of mesquite, or the dark green of oak leaves against a brilliant blue sky. It’s why I stop to catch a glimpse of the sliver of moon and teardrop of star, smile at a child’s laugh, breathe deep of the rich aroma of coffee in Books-A-Million and giggle with glee on a foggy day.

Ordinary life is fraught with excitement.

Enjoy the journey.


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