Kicking and screaming

When it comes to technology, I am a cat. I hate change.  I just become proficient on a program or machine and then the company decides to “upgrade.” Read: make more money.  Car companies do this, too; but I’m not forced to get rid of my old clunker as long as it’s running.

I should be used to this by now.  I loved the old Photoshop and Print Master software; until the company decided to buy out the other, ditched the best parts, and kept the things I hated most about the programs.  I had less trouble when Word Perfect upgraded, although I still use an older version instead of the “new, improved” model. It simply didn’t do what I needed the program to do.

Which brings us to Microsoft and their “one size fits all” mentality. I don’t care whether it’s the operating system or Word. Not all users are businesses. Not all users are impressed with their systems, so why force customers to limit themselves to one choice?  I’ve always felt that a world-class company would seek ways for their products to be more user friendly and interface with other products.  After all, I can open Word documents in Word Perfect. Unfortunately, even Word won’t open its own files if they’re beyond a certain date.  Which means, consumers must resave all their old data under the new format–something that is time consuming and costly.

The other reason I hate upgrading my computer or program is re-installing all my programs onto a new machine only to find several won’t work because the processors are too fast.  I resent having to give up favored games or software simply because they’re considered “old.”  I hate to break it to the 20-somethings who despise anything or anyone older than themselves, but you’ll be old one day, too, and being old doesn’t mean useless. I’m reminded of a smart-mouthed Wraith squadron recruit who thought Wedge Antilles was too old to be useful for anything other than training pilots. She didn’t last; he went on to take down major Imperial offensives.

I’m not against new technology. I love it! However, new technology should integrate old technology or incorporate a method to make the transition easier and less painful. After all, men, you wouldn’t throw out that ratty old, comfortable, high school jersey, now would you? 


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