America’s Favorite Restaurant

An iconic institution for my family is Denny’s.  Our relationship with Denny’s began when my husband and I were newlyweds and needed a “fancy” restaurant that didn’t break our pocketbook. Back then, Denny’s offered up a fantastic entree, salad, sides and dessert for $10. For seminary students on a tight budget, this was almost too-good-to-be-true. Not to mention their fantastic Grand Slam breakfasts for under $4!

Then came the kids and again, Denny’s came to our rescue.  Family friendly with a laid back atmosphere, Denny’s didn’t mind our crew of rambunctious offspring and we could fill them up for a reasonable price. Denny’s also didn’t mind how long we stayed and kept the coffee cups full.

So it’s no surprise that when planning a date night, more often than not Denny’s is our choice of restaurant. It’s got a down home charm all its own, with friendly waitresses, is always open no matter the time of day or night, with quick service and the food is still excellent and affordable.

Sorry if this sounds like free advertising, but Denny’s is all about memories for my family and me. This is where we met with friends from far away to catch up on our lives. This is where we ate out with our children and had fun just being together.  This is where we hung out with our college kids and their friends. Denny’s is where I can spend a romantic evening with my husband, talking, sharing and not competing with overly loud music or blaring televisions.

Denny’s is a symbol of what America still is among rural, small town communities. Denny’s is where we can always come home, even when we aren’t at home.


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