The Art of Pampering

Move over pedicures, manicures take a backseat to the best form of pampering on the planet: oxygen bars. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience this unique luxury while waiting for a flight in the Las Vegas terminal.

Oxygen bars, while relatively few and far between in the States, are very popular in Japan; especially Tokyo. The bars involve containers of flavored oxygen enjoyed through a nose cannula. A choice of peppermint or eucalyptus to open the sinuses was a bonus of hedonistic delight. In addition, a variety of massage techniques are employed, creating a very relaxing and inviting experience.

The O-bar, located in terminal C, is an understated place of soothing luxury. A fifteen minute session left me relaxed, refreshed, and content: and more than prepared for the upcoming three hour flight to Milwaukee! Imagine sitting at a private counter, inhaling a triple combination of fragrances. Although the bar is tiny it still conveys a sense of privacy for the clients, an oasis if you will, in the midst of a crowded, noisy, and bustling airport. Add to the subtle scents, an individually controlled massage therapy to sooth away tense spots. The “barista” was friendly, professional, and adept at using the various other massage therapies offered by the bar.

I’ve never been one for pedicures and manicures — sitting still for the requisite time stresses my ADD beyond belief. But this kind of pampering–a friendly barista, pleasant fragrances, and soothing massage without a bunch of passersby gawking at me was the height of hedonism. My only regret is there aren’t any in Texas!

As a writer, I love new experiences and this has been one of the most interesting. The only thing that could make it better: free chocolate!



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