What’s in a Name?

Lately, the news media seems full of crazy people throwing fits over names. The most recent being some college/high school group changing their mascots from “cougars” in order not to “offend” women.

Excuse me, but I’m already offended. When did we lose sight of common sense? When did we become such a thin-skinned culture so afraid of “political correctness” that we lost sight of rationality? Isn’t imitation supposed to be the highest form of flattery? So where do we get off thinking certain groups are offending by certain names. Even when those certain groups fight to maintain a trademark name, special interest groups come along and force changes. It makes me wonder who those special interest groups really represent.

Personally, I think it’s a severe form of reverse discrimination, or maybe a disguised version of racism. After all, if I truly believe some person or group is “less human” than myself, wouldn’t I do everything to erase all mention of those groups, even if I have to do it under the disguise of “protecting” them?

An ancient case in point: Speedy Gonzales, a feisty little mouse that always got the best of the big, dumb gringo cats. The cartoon, immensely popular when I was a kid, fell out of favor with white liberals and was pulled from networks as being “racist”. Racist to whom? Not to Hispanics, who cheered Speedy and loved the series. Or take Little Black Sambo; finding a copy is virtually impossible now that the PC police got their hands on it and blazoned the “racist” button everywhere. Again, a small black boy creatively outwits the big, dumb “white” tigers and provides food for his family.

We don’t have to look far today to see the same idiocy mirrored in football teams forced to change their names and mascots in order to pander to some crazy white liberal nonsense.

The race button is too easy to push, and overused too often. Isn’t it time we stopped being afraid of words and feared mob mentality more? Isn’t it time we stood up for freedom of speech and the ability to think for ourselves before we find ourselves in a country where we have lost that privilege and others are doing our thinking for us?



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