Taking Things For Granted

One of the things I learned while living overseas is how many little things we take for granted….and how vital they are to our current way of life.

Take electricity, for instance. Immediately we think of lights and power to cook. But have a constantly available source of electricity goes far beyond mere lights and cooking. Ever try to entertain small children when they’ve been deprived of access to their video games and Internet and the house is too dark to read a book? Imagine being in 100-degree heat with no fans inside a closed room. The proverbial furnace has nothing on an apartment complex deprived of air flow. Even simple things like brushing teeth or flushing toilets can be complicated by no electricity, especially in areas where the water is pumped into homes from cisterns or wells. Suddenly, lack of water adds to the electricity issues.

Of course, living in America we seldom face lack of electricity or water, yet it does happen during inclement weather as lines and pipes burst.

Another thing we take for granted is vision. Today I broke my glasses. No problem, I just put on my contacts and away I went. However, the reason I switched back to glasses from contacts is wearing the lenses for even a couple of hours badly irritates my eyes. Suddenly, routine tasks are complicated with an inability to see. Driving is impossible and I wonder how I’m going to teach my classes until I can get to an optometrist and get new glasses.

Oh, I almost forgot: a regular teaching day is from 7:20 until 4:05., and the optometrist is 45 minutes away. Good luck catching one before the office closes!

All the little things keep adding up until a small problem becomes a big problem. Yet, in spite of it all, we have it much better than folks did a hundred years ago, or even 50.

I still remember reading stories of rural women in the 40s and 50s in the hill country of Texas who lived without modern conveniences like indoor plumbing or electricity.

So maybe I won’t be able to clean the cobwebs this week or do any ironing and writing a blog means ramping up the font size four times more than usual, but I am blessed to live in a world where being nearsighted isn’t a curse and I’m not considered useless just because I have “weak” eyes.

I am thankful for the thousand and one little things that make our lives easier and convenient.


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