The Height of Stupidity

It seems the farther we get from what is truly important, the more we glamorize the trivial. A glaring example is the tendency of the average citizen to jump on the bandwagon of “fads” involving worthy causes.

For example, the well meaning, but totally clueless folks who think dumping ice water on themselves will do anything to help cure, fund, or solve ALS. Do they charge sightseeing fees to help fund ALS research? Are they paying a fee for the ice water and donating the money to ALS research? Have they contracted with water companies to donate a certain amount of money to ALS research for every gallon of water squandered?

All I see are gullible people who are in the public eye, calling attention to themselves as if their actions demonstrate a genuine concern for ALS patients or their families.

The same foolishness abounds with other cancer research. I’m a woman, but the idea that an entire stadium of people wearing pink somehow magically sends money to breast cancer research is ludicrous. Was there a site to buy the shirts, which then donated the money to cancer research? Did the football franchise donate part of the ticket sales to cancer research? Did the fans made a donation as they entered the stadium (over and above their ticket) so the money could be collected at sent to research or families of the cancer patients?

As the caregiver of a patient with CLL, I am highly offended by these so-called “concerned” people who do absolutely nothing to raise money for research or the families suffering from cancer. “Oh, but it calls attention to the cancer and its research!” I’ve heard someone gush. Exactly how? When did pouring ice water explain what ALS is or how you contract it or how to prevent it? When did wearing pink lower the costs of preventative exams or help families pay for gas, food, lodging, etc. while traveling to and fro from cancer treatments or appointments? When did playing “secret” girls’ only games with suggestive overtones help cancer families pay bills or send their kids to college?

If you really, truly want to help with cancer awareness or cancer research, then participate in the American Cancer Society’s Run/Walk for Hope. Most communities sponsor one or two a year. Oh, wait. That’s right, the folks doing the stupid activities really can’t be bothered with an all night walk around a track. That would “cost” too much effort, time, and commitment. Funny, how the cancer patients and their caregivers don’t find it too difficult to participate.

Or how about hosting a fundraiser and establishing a scholarship for children of cancer patients; not just those who have lost the fight, but the ones who are struggling with cancer, who gave up jobs and income to fight this battle, who are struggling to pay huge medical bills. Oh, wait. That takes a lot of work, time, commitment…and being more concerned with others than with calling attention to one’s self.

Cancer is very personal and a terrible road to walk. If you’re going to walk it with us, get serious, not frivolous.


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