In Defense of Heroes

With great anticipation, I settled into my recliner; a bowl of popcorn and a Dr. Pepper beside me and clicked the remote. I’d waited for months for The Winter Soldier to make it to Redbox and I was eager to see my favorite Avenger in action again.

After sitting through the credits for the dénouement scenes and final wrap, I remembered thinking, “What just happened?” Not that the movie was bad; it wasn’t. It was action packed and the audience got to see Cap in some serious action. But it wasn’t the “feel good,” “good guys win,” “heroes in action” movie I’d waited to see

Captain America got lost in the all the special effects. His “knight in shining armor” personality was still intact, but all the strength, determination, “fight for what’s right” action became diluted by the story’s moody plot

Once again Hollywood proved itself adept at despising a happy ending and showed their biases: that evil is stronger than good, true heroes are wimps, and there is no wonder left in the universe

I know some folks will say, “That was the whole point of the story.” Maybe, but that’s not Captain America’s story. The Marvel character was created during a time when the world needed heroes, not just superheroes; men who stood for something no matter the cost. The same need exists today; don’t believe me, just pick up a newspaper, check out Yahoo, or watch CNN. Loss of ideals runs rampant in our society and we need heroes, not “miracles.”

Maybe it’s because most folks in Hollywood have never met real heroes, people who do what’s right just because it’s right; people who serve others with no regard for themselves; people who put the welfare of the community ahead of personal gain; people who aren’t going to get accolades or pats on the back or their name on Google, but who continue to be heroes day by day, every day. They surround us wearing uniforms of blue or yellow on our city streets, they show up in classrooms and hospitals, they work two or more jobs to put food on the table and a give their children a better chance, they stand up to the bullies in the school locker room or cafeteria to defend those weaker than themselves

The “age of heroes” isn’t over; Hollywood is just looking in the wrong direction.


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