Let Them Eat Cake

I really do understand why so many people despise big business…and not for the reasons most people consider. Big business gives the impression of being clueless and heartless. They don’t mean to; however, they are out of touch with normal reality to such an extent they resemble Marie Antoinette and her famous “Let them eat cake.”

I refer to the recent article on the web about the big business big wig out to impress his superiors with a $300,000 dinner. Seriously? I could buy houses for my entire family for that amount and pay cash to do it.

What’s equally sad and discouraging is the young man hosting the party didn’t pay for it out of his salary; the funds most likely came from the company expense account. Money which could have been used to pay insurance premiums, retirement benefits, or salary increases for the laborers, clerks, wage earners that actually did the work of keeping the company afloat.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a capitalist with a capital C. I believe in the free enterprise system and despise all things socialist. However, I’m an old fashioned capitalist–the kind that founded this nation and realized that making money, and making a lot of it, is dependent on company employees. If the employees aren’t happy, the company isn’t likely to make money.

In 1789, the average annual salary for United States Congressman was $6. Today, the annual average is $174,000. It’s easy to see why Congress is aligned with big business. They have the same mindset: self-absorbed.

I’m not against people earning a boatload of money, but that’s the key term: earning. I’m sorry but the idea that a congressman will earn 4-5 times the amount a school teacher in rural America earns, and is paid out of that rural teacher’s salary, kinda turns my stomach. Congress has no excuse. Big business might. After all they are running a company and making profit and that is what America is all about. Big business creates jobs, infuses cash into the economy, and provides better retirement packages than the government does.

But when a corporate big wig is making 4-5 times what his employee is and doesn’t realize his employee is struggling to put hamburger on the table or pay the electric bill, the average American might begin to understand the rage that fueled the French Revolution.




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