The Simple Things in Life

The old adage, “you never know how much you miss something until it’s gone,” has certainly been true for me the past couple of weeks.

Actually, it’s the little things, the things you never think about: like eating.  After spending a week in recovery from a vicious stomach bug on Sprite and crackers,  just being able to eat real food again has been a blessing.  Even graduating from saltine crackers to Cheese Nips was a huge jump. Although after a week of Sprite and Cheese Nips I really wanted something more substantial!  I missed texture and flavor, the freedom to eat anything at any time. The ability to choose, not just be limited to something that didn’t abuse my stomach.  Trying favorite foods only to find they had no flavor or actually tasted horrible was very disconcerting. Still even half a sandwich is better than the Sprite diet.  I’m so looking forward to our annual Easter cookout at church and sinking my teeth into a delicious hamburger–even if it is only half of one!

I’ve missed my computer, too. For the last two weeks, I’ve had a loaner while mine went into the shop for a total memory wipe. If I’d only had some warning, I wouldn’t be missing half my files now, along with all my bookmarks.  I know there’s a key function for that, I just never learned it, so now I’m laboriously trying to recreate all my links, which I know I’ll never be able to do.  Sometimes technology is more of a crutch than a help. Lesson learned: copy and paste all websites regardless of bookmarking.

Then there are those little files, which are important now, but I failed to back up on the server because I was in a hurry or simply forgot I’d updated them and needed to back them up. And having to hunt for all my files which got mixed up and swirled around in the overhaul.  Live and learn. That is why I have to continually update my mental programming. Twenty years ago I lost valuable writing because I was going to save it, “in just a minute.” A power outage deleted two pages of work which I’ll never recover. Now, it’s a habit to save frequently.

Another lesson learned a year ago, make paper copies of everything because you never know when the corporate office is going to lose your work. Fortunately, I had back ups, learned long ago after various floppies, computer hard drives, thumb drives, etc crashed and burned along with all my files, not to mention updated software that wouldn’t open older style files.

So the most recent lesson learned about little things? Back everything up because you never know when your computer is going in for a memory wipe and Artoo will be returned as someone else.


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