Shameless Self Promotion

In case you didn’t catch it from the title, I’ll warn you again: I will be talking specifically and in detail about my books. I figure after 70 something blogs, I can relax a bit and talk about a subject near and dear to my heart….my own creations.

So what sets my novels apart from the ocean of books out there? Probably not much. Such a question is as pointless as debating whether apples are better than passion fruit. Or whether a Ferrari out “oomphs” a Lexus. The delight is in the eye of the beholder…in this case, the reader.

What you will find in all my novels is a predilection for the light side of storytelling rather than the dark side. Not sorry for the Star Wars reference…I grew up with the original trilogy before it went dark side. So swashbuckling, fantasy, and space opera like Star Trek fueled my imagination from a young and impressionable age. And I’ve had over 30 years to perfect it. I like a fun read, one that leaves me feeling happy at the end, which is what I write because ultimately I do believe in happy endings, even in real life.

You’ll find my stories have a familiar feel to them, bits and pieces of other authors and genres you’ve read, all blended together into a unique, yet comfortable universe. Thanks to a fan who took the time to review one of my stories, I now know what makes my stories special isn’t the scientists or royalty or upper echelons, but the ordinary folk dealing with what life throws at them in a rather unique setting. And sometimes the ordinary folk don’t get to solve the problem; the answer comes from outside their socio-economic group simply because they don’t have the resources or answers or power—much like real life, although we don’t want to admit it to ourselves.

While Amazon tries to please readers with specific information about books through genres and age groups, my stories really don’t fall in those categories. How do you categorize a book that both teenagers and college professors enjoy? Amazon doesn’t have an All Ages button. Unfortunately.

Merely saying my books are “science fiction” isn’t enough since the various sublevels are as plenteous as the asteroid belt on the other side of Mars. My stories recombine the types of science fiction and fantasy the way Snapple flips juice: Japanese western on Mars? Ninja fantasy? Space opera without a fleet of ships? I take an idea and find a home for it without stressing about what “genre” it falls under.

Then there’s the whole price thing. Ninety-nine cents. On Kindle. Every day. Always. Not because I don’t think my books are worth it, but because I grew up a poor kid making 50 cents an hour babysitting to buy $3.50 paperbacks. No wonder I got most of my books at the library. So I remember what it’s like to be a reader with a voracious appetite for books and unable to buy them. I wish I could keep the paperback price down, but it’s a necessary evil to make the books available to library databases. Yet another reason to keep the Kindle price as low as it will go.

See it’s not about money for me. It’s about readers. I’d rather give a reader a couple hours of pleasure than get a royalty. Don’t get me wrong. If ever I build a large enough reader base that my books take off and I make several thousand dollars, I’ll be whooping and hollering. But I’d rather have the readers.

As an added bonus, I finally figured out how to promo my books as FREE Kindle books, so for the next few days until Aug 5, Redline is free on Kindle. Go grab a copy and enjoy.

So I challenge you. Take a look at my book list, pick one out, and take a gamble. If you like it, pick up another one, or write a review. If you don’t like it, drop me an email. I’d love to visit with you. No strings attached and I won’t get mad. Promise.









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  1. Very cool! Now that I have a Kindle, I’ll get a copy of Redline for it!

    But I’m a bit bewildered. The review and rating I did not long after Redline released isn’t there. Not sure why or what to do about fixing that–I guess I need to contact Amazon.


    BTW, Carol, I gave it 5 stars. Loved the story!!! 🙂

  2. So glad you liked it! Don’t know what happened to the review, but maybe Amazon will let you re-upload it.

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