Remember When…

I remember a time when being different was neither good nor bad, just “different,” when speaking one’s mind wasn’t met with government sanctions or public reprisals, when having a different opinion (even if wrong) was shrugged off as being a “nut,” but never met with abusive language or physical harm.

Sad to say, America is turning its back on 200 plus years of personal freedoms in an effort to return to pre-colonial days where fear of the king kept one’s thoughts to one’s self. Or maybe we’re playing catch up to totalitarian nations where a small, ruling majority keep the general populace rigidly toeing a line in fear.

Either way, the idea that I cannot espouse my personal opinions without fear is cause for concern.

Take the case of Houston Astro slugger Lance Berkman and his opposition to a Houston ordinance allowing men in women’s bathrooms.

Leaving aside the alarming idea of purely safety issues, the fact that Berkman cannot speak his mind publically without a firestorm of demands for sanctions against him sets off all sorts of klaxons.

Whether one is for or against this issue, Berkman should be able to say what he wants to in a public forum. He should have as much right to speak against this as the next person has to speak for it.

In the media frenzy to ensure “equality for all,” we are losing our “individual equality.” When I was a kid, I remember my mom teaching us that our freedom ends where the next person’s began. It was her way of saying to be considerate of others. But nowhere did she teach us that we had to give up our freedom to allow someone else to practice his.

Meanwhile, I have to run the risk of personal and/or bodily injury just to use the bathroom in public. As a person, a bathroom should be safe. This seems to be understood in every culture except America, where we have to make something as natural as going to the bathroom a political and social issue.

If Houston is so set on “equality,” then let them either build new bathrooms or designate a section as “ non-gender.” Women already have enough issues trying find sufficient bathrooms in public places (after all, we outnumber the guys), without having to give up our bathroom space.

I’m afraid this new trend to politicize everything will force businesses to eventually close their restrooms to the public rather than deal with the hot button frenzy sure to follow.



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