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Techno Geek Girl

I confess…I’m a techno geek at heart. I love browsing the geeky techno magazines or window shopping down the gadget aisle at Best Buy or Radio Shack and I’m always hinting to my family for gift certificates to ThinkGeek.

There’s something captivating about shiny devices that might serve no other purpose than to be interesting or intriguing or unique or just down right fun!

I think the only thing that saves my family from bankruptcy is lack of funds…and an innate Scottish sense of prudence that “I can’t buy that; we need groceries.”

I drool over LED air purifiers or night light cubes, salivate over multi-tools and five in one pens, crave solar powered thingamajigs, hanker for levitating technology, and fantasize about future gizmos.

You get the picture. If it has moveable parts, glitters, creates dazzling light displays, turns an otherwise mundane appliance on its proverbial ear, it catches my eye.

Not that I’d know how to use all those fun and curious oddities, not that I need any of them, but there’s something fundamentally satisfying about knowing they’re out there.

I have to admit, the 80s seemed to be the “gadget” decade, especially around Christmas. Both Radio Shack and Best Buy had “gadget” aisles chock-a-block with apparatuses, implements and widgets for home, office, and hobby. Some were just all-inclusive clocks with fancy packaging. Others were nifty items that served a practical purpose in an inventive way.

Gadgets today are harder to find, but they are out there—mainly in Skymall magazines or off the wall specialty periodicals. They range from the bottom of the food chain gullible knockoffs to the pricey can’t-live-without-it luxuries for the 21st century. Sometimes interesting ones show up in online tech news blogs and websites, but aren’t always available for the regular consumer.

Perhaps as technology catches up with our “vision” of the future, there will be less need for gadgets and gizmos, but I will always be on the look out for the outlandish and bizarre. And maybe, one day, I’ll even be the grandma with all the “cool” toys!





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