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Welcome to the Dark Side…We Have Cookies

I love technology…the more bells and whistles the better. I started out on an old Remington manual typewriter (the great-grandparent of modern day computers for the millennials out there), and I wouldn’t go back to those days for anything. Just trying to correct a simple mistake gives me the shudders, not to mention the problem of making multiple copies of one paper. Yes, today’s word processors beat the typewriter hands down.

But there is a dark side to technology, as well. Recently, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to connect to the internet for work. Everyone else’s laptops connect just fine, but mine hangs up midway and refuses to cooperate. Having to do email on my phone is frustrating enough, but I do draw the line at trying to grade and correct essays on my phone. (I know, I’m just not tech savvy enough or at least haven’t learned the proper way to do it yet–I’m getting there, tho).

Yet what really bugged me was getting the alerts from Google that some other device had accessed my account twice and was I aware of it? Yes, Google, I was aware. That was me hacking my account on a friend’s computer so I could do my job because my authorized device wouldn’t talk to the internet. Beyond the fact that not only did my technology not do what I asked it to do, it had the audacity to track me and monitor my activities was a bit disconcerting to say the least. I mean, how do those dark net folks in movies get away with covering their tracks so easily? If a simple task like switching computers can raise red flags, how does anyone minimize their digital footprint?

Maybe this only bothers me, but I really don’t like the idea of some group, organization or other person knowing where I am at any given time without my permission. I’m a private individual and not fond of big groups to start with. I mean, I used to hang out in the government documents section of my college library just so I could read a book in peace. But it seems that in today’s techno world, falling off the grid isn’t so easy.

Welcome to the dark side; we have cookies and they aren’t chocolate chip.

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